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What do you need to do to attract and retain top construction industry talent in today’s very competitive environment? The good news: the answer isn’t what most people think…


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About Isaac's full presentation (1 of 20 included in the Construction Industry Success Summit)...

Finding, Attracting & Retaining Great Employees: 
The Importance Of Systems & Culture In Your Business

In this 62-minute session, Isaac Barlow (Founder & CEO of busybusy Inc.) explains what successful companies are doing differently to find, hire and keep the employees they need to grow their business - and beat the competition. In this session, Isaac covers a variety of helpful topics including:

  • 11 systems that affect 7-year business survival rates.
  • The real-world "Supply & Demand %" that you're facing...
  • 3 employee attraction/retention goals for internal systems.



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Each of our 20 Construction Industry Success Summit business experts shares incredibly valuable tips, techniques, and methodologies about how to run your company more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably.

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