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Individualize Your Motivation Plan:
Techniques to Enhance Business Performance

Coach Jennie Friedman combines her degree in psychology and her 20+ years of business development and marketing expertise to help you expand your opportunities for income and connectivity. In this 53-minute session, you'll learn techniques to help you stay on track including:

  • How to reinforce your motivation through "certainty".
  • Why brain dumps are critical - and what to do with them.
  • 7 "Cool-tool" choices to organize & prioritize - YOUR way. 


Mobile-friendly online coaching sessions (45 minutes up to 2+ hours each) can be watched from home or office via computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. You can even listen while you're on the road... 

Each of our 20 Construction Industry Success Summit business experts shares incredibly valuable tips, techniques, and methodologies about how to run your company more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably.

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